Re-release: Kalman Runners

In honor of the Chicago marathon this weekend (and due in large part to Katie recovering from running in it...) we have a re-release of an episode about Kalman filters, which is part algorithm part elaborate metaphor for figuring out, if you're running a race but don't have a watch, how fast you're going.

Katie's Chicago race report:

  • miles 1-13: light ankle pain, lovely cool weather, the most fun imaginable.
  • miles 13-17: no more ankle pain but quads start getting tight, it's a little more effort
  • miles 17-20: oof, really tight legs but still plenty of gas in then tank.
  • miles 20-23: it's warmer out now, legs hurt a lot but running through Pilsen and Chinatown is too fun to notice
  • mile 24: ugh cramp everything hurts
  • miles 25-26.2: awesome crowd support, really tired and loving every second

Final time: 3:54:35